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Next-Level Leader Centre for Excellence has created a series of online programs all designed to ENERGIZE your business.

Reset & Redirect: Group Discovery and Mastermind Experience

You have been changing for a while now. You’re aware of it, you’ve done the work and made some progress, but it still feels a bit like guesswork. Join us for this three-month small group program, with 1 on 1 elements, to dive deeper into yourself than ever before. Understand why you do what you do, how to align your world to you, and finally clear out all that old stuff (all without reliving it!).

Participation accepted by application.

Leverage Your Brilliance Online

It’s one thing to guide people 1-1. Once you decide to start sharing with the world at scale, a whole new skill set is required. As an entrepreneur, what you create needs to be of high value and hit the mark…the first time. This online program is a bundle of three essential courses that include everything you need to design, create and teach your own mini-course e-learning. A mini-course is a great idea for a lead magnet, for onboarding new team members and clients, or for shifting your business model from 1-1 to 1-many.

eLearning Excellence: The 5 Essential Elements

If you’re new to course creation or looking to elevate your next eLearning offering, enroll in this FREE mini-course. Learn the essential elements of eLearning that will guarantee you stand out from the crowd. Get guided through one of the most difficult and important elements of creating a mini-course… topic selection.

C.O.R.A. Authentic Sales Conversations

The number one ingredient in any successful sales conversation is YOU. You, connected to your reason for service and commitment to providing only the very best. The thing is, we get all up in our head. Having a process that will find the win/win in every sales conversation that will leave both you and your prospect feeling amazing is the very thing that can change the course of your business.

Perception is Projection: The Mirrors of Our World

This course is a full chapter experience from Level Up: Leadership Capacity Builder Course and part of the Next-Level Leader stream. Enjoy for FREE!

Lisa Reaume is a proud affiliate of these programs, and is a Program Advisor with the Triad Group.


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